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Ury tries to get a reason, but Garogai attacks again, forcing them to jump away. Slashing the blast with Tensa Zangetsu, Ichigo, seeing another one coming, jumps over it and onto one of the fingers. Byakuya enters the tent. As Byakuya, Hitsugaya, and Ukitake arrive, Rangiku Matsumoto comes shortly after with Orihime, who, running over to Ichigo, yells his name. That caught my attention because I honestly loved that fight, it was very exciting! Then after that we go to Karakura Town where Ichigo is living his regular teenage life, and you can all guess what happens after that.


When Kokut lands nearby, his sleeve still on fire, Ichigo angrily glares at him as he tells him to hate him more, for this will make him even more powerful. We have a modified experience for viewers using ad blockers Wikia is not accessible if youve made further modifications. Ichigo's voice actor Morita Masakazu is great at what he does! He's the perfect voice for Ichigo, I really don't have anything bad to say about him! He sounds very natural when he talks, and always has the exact emotion that is needed for the scene, which usually involves yelling and shouting. As Ury growls, Taikon rapidly fires attacks at Ury, who uses Hirenkyaku to appear behind Taikon. Ichigo, Garogai lifts a stone slab. As Ichigo ponders this, Byakuya, turning to leave, apologizes for intruding.


After a moment of silence, Kokut moves on, and Ichigo follows. As Rukia is shaken by the shockwave, a lava vein flares up violently, worrying Rukia. When Taikon says he should have absorbed all of Ury's Reishi, Ury reveals the box is created by Taikon's Reishi, not his Ury turns away as Taikon is destroyed. When Renji says entering Hell would allow the Togabito to toy with him, Ichigo maintains he must go. Laughing again, Shuren, calling it splendid, tells Ichigo to destroy the gate before blasting another flame bolt. Bending down, Ichigo asks why he was helping him, for Kokut's heart fell to darkness Kokut reveals he had a sister.


As Kokut claims this is impossible because Togabito cannot be revived so fast, Gunj, who has fully reincarnated, declares what Kokut thinks he may know may not always be that way. As Sado knocks the figure out of the building, Ichigo tells Orihime to take care of Tatsuki and the others. When the smoke clears, a giant rut lies in front of Ichigo. Reaching the top of the hill, Ichigo, looking into the distance, is shocked by what he sees: Yuzu lying unconscious in a small cage, dangling from a large skeleton with rods impaled in it above a pool of lava. Orihime tucks Yuzu and Karin into bed. That said, it still was a decent watch and i'll explain why.


Announcing he is home and brought lots of souvenirs, Isshin wonders if no one is home. When Ichigo maintains he has to go to save Yuzu, Kokut agrees to go with them to teach the Togabito from earlier a lesson. One day prisoners revolt and make their escape to Karakura - the real world - where Ichigo and his friends live. Apologizing, a bewildered Ichigo stares at his hand. Karakura Town The four captains have a meeting. Gunj shatters. As the Cero dissipates, the remains of Kokut's chains become visible as they fall to the ground.

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